Product Details

1.It filters a large amount of sludge continuously, and main sturcture of it adopts  high strength material.

2.High capacity,high efficiency dehydration and long using life.

3.It adopts high quality filter-belt, to make sure its excellent efficiency

4.Low noise, less chemicals,  high cost-effective 

5.Widely used in many industries.

DY Belt Filter Press


24 hours work

24 hours work for each day

Compound Belt Press With Dosing and Mixing Device

Total machine contains control system, dosing and mixing device. Its size can be customized, and its structure is reasonable , which makes it as a practical system.

Anti-corrosion technology

We cuse epoxy resin, glass fiber, Fluorocarbon coating, stainless steel and other techniques to anti corrosion, and they can be used separately and also can be combined with each others.

Shoot Blasting Technology

After shoot-blasted, machine Frame is paited with preservative solution and anti-corrosion.This technology is same as Aircraft's Shoot-blasting.


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