Product Details

1 Filtering, discharging, filter-cloth cleaning , all processes in one step.

2 It cajn filter raw material with different concentration degree.

3 Huge capacity, high fitlering efficiency, and low moisture in cake.

4 Very few spare parts,  low failure-rate. It is continuously working 24 hours a day.

5 It has the partly closed and total closed design to fit the raw material which is volatile.

6 Widely used in environmental protection, mining, chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, food, pharmaceutical, coal, etc.

DU Vacuum Belt Filter


High Auto

Auto discharging,auto skew detection, auto washing filter-cloth, which saves labor cost.

Vacuum Filtering

Filtering material by theory of gravity and vacumm negative pressure. Higher efficiency.

24 hours work

24 hours work for each day

Anti-corrosion technology

We cuse epoxy resin, glass fiber, Fluorocarbon coating, stainless steel and other techniques to anti corrosion, and they can be used separately and also can be combined with each others.


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