Product Details

1.Multi functions:Auto Pull-plate、Auto Washing、Bomb door、Belt conveyor、Feeding Pump、Agitation equipment

2.Hydraulic system stability: hydraulic station and oil cylinder work together,stable performance, normal working pressure 22Mpa-32.5Mpa, the biggest working pressure is 42Mpa

3.High flexibility: The model decided labor cost, more convenience.
4.Good quality: good performance cast iron, 100% PP, stable electric system.
5.Good effect: clean liquid, lower water content, high processing rate
6.PLC control: automatic operation.

Hydraulic  Filter Press


Electric System

Ensuring system stability, satisfy customization needs.

Hydraulic system

Max hydraulic pressure 42Mpa, meet the demand of various industries.

Shoot Blasting Technology

After shoot-blasted, machine Frame is paited with preservative solution and anti-corrosion.This technology is same as Aircraft's Shoot-blasting.

Muti-function Optional

Scuh many auto functions are optional,which is much more effective than human operation.


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