Product Details

1. Filter cloth is the filtering medium of the filtering equipments,

and it is also the main spare parts.

2. Filter cloth's mesh decides on the  filters' filtering precision.

3. Depending on the material's temperature,viscosity,particle size, to choose the correct type of filter cloth

4. As for the special raw material, we can customize the filter cloth, however, there is a MOQ

5. Customers shall give us the size, quality,air permeability for the filter cloth.

Filter cloth


Long Lifespan

We use the best quality to make the filter cloth, so to ensure 1.2 times lifetime to the normal filter cloth.

Rich Experience

We have 20 years' experience, so to supply the most suitable filter cloth.

Fast Delivery

Delivery in 7-10 days.


Filter cloth to be customized, due to specified requirements.


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