Product Details

  1. Filter plate is the mainly part which decided the performance of filter press.

  2. Material: PP,Cast Iron,Stainless Steel.

  3. Model: chamber Filter Plate, Membrane filter plate, Plate&Frame filter plate.

  4. Temperture: Normal Filter Plate, High-temperature Filter Plate.

  5. Pressure: Normal Filter Plate, High strength filter plate.

  6. The number of filter plate decide filter area, the chamber volume decide the thickness of cake.

  7. We have different size of filter plate, we can custom-made it.

Filter Plate


Raw material

We used high quality of raw material, the products are surely of standard quality.


We have polymerization,heat seal,carving,horizontal wash,shot blasting and so on,which can give you a fine product.

Wide variety

We can meet your requirements like material, type,temperature,pressure,construction,color and so on.


We can produce mould according to your requirements, offer the most suitable filter plate to you.


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