Product Details

1.Higher Filtering Pressure, which is 1.5-2 times of the normal filter plate

2.Suitable for the extreme sticky and fine material, like ceramic mud

3.Filtering area 20-80 m2

4.Easy to operate, long service life.

Circular Filter Press


Circular Filter Plate

Can afford higher filtering pressure, which is 1.5-2 times than the normal filter plate.

Hydraulic press system

Big pressure, stable performance,long service life

Shoot Blasting Technology

After shoot-blasted, machine Frame is paited with preservative solution and anti-corrosion.This technology is same as Aircraft's Shoot-blasting.

Muti-function Optional

Scuh many auto functions are optional,which is much more effective than human operation.


06-流程.jpg 10-流程.jpg 15.jpg 16-流程.jpg 17-l流程.jpg 18-流程.jpg 19-流程.jpg 20a-流程.jpg 20-流程.jpg 22-流程.jpg 25-流程.jpg 27-流程.jpg 31-流程.jpg 32-流程.jpg 33-流程.jpg 35-流程.jpg 36-流程.jpg 37-流程.jpg 38-流程.jpg 39流程.jpg 40-流程.jpg 41.jpg 42-流程.jpg 45-流程.jpg 46-流程.jpg 47-流程.jpg 58-流程.jpg 61-流程.jpg 66-流程.jpg 67-流程.jpg 68-流程.jpg 70-流程.jpg 72-流程.jpg 73-流程.jpg 74-流程.jpg 77-流程.jpg 80-流程.jpg 96-流程.jpg 99-流程.jpg 102-流程.jpg 103-流程.jpg 104-流程.jpg 106-流程.jpg 107-流程.jpg 108-流程.jpg 109-流程.jpg 111-流程.jpg 112-流程.jpg 115-流程.jpg 116-流程.jpg 117-流程.jpg 118-流程.jpg 130-流程.jpg


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