Product Details

1 It has anti-corrosion coating, SS quality also be optional.

2 Suitbale for industrial wastewater and chemical processing.

3 Easy to be moved, suitable for any environment.

4 Total Auto.

5 Cake is transported to the appointed place.

Chemical Industry


Anti-corrosion technology

We cuse epoxy resin, glass fiber, Fluorocarbon coating, stainless steel and other techniques to anti corrosion, and they can be used separately and also can be combined with each others.


Electrical components in oil, gas and coal industries are explosion proof.

Shoot Blasting Technology

After shoot-blasted, machine Frame is paited with preservative solution and anti-corrosion.This technology is same as Aircraft's Shoot-blasting.

Muti-function Optional

Scuh many auto functions are optional,which is much more effective than human operation.


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