Product Details

1.SS quality filter press is adopted in food,bio-pharmaceuticals,etc.

2.It has two standards which are SS304 and SS316.

3.Stainless Steel Filter Press has types ---Main frame covered with SS, Main frame total SS, and Machine total SS

4.Covering with SS  means that the main frame is covered with SS,which is highly cost effective.

5.According to customers' requirements, machine covered with stainless steel or  total stainless steel , so to fit standard of  food and pharmaceutical.

Food And Biomedical


SS Plate and Frame

Total SS

Used in working enviroment requiring high-standard.

Covered With SS

Main Frame is covered with SS,highly cost effective

SS 304 And SS316

Excellent corrosion-resistance and thermostability,can be used in crtitical conditions


06-流程.jpg 10-流程.jpg 15.jpg 16-流程.jpg 17-l流程.jpg 18-流程.jpg 19-流程.jpg 20a-流程.jpg 20-流程.jpg 22-流程.jpg 25-流程.jpg 27-流程.jpg 31-流程.jpg 32-流程.jpg 33-流程.jpg 35-流程.jpg 36-流程.jpg 37-流程.jpg 38-流程.jpg 39流程.jpg 40-流程.jpg 41.jpg 42-流程.jpg 45-流程.jpg 46-流程.jpg 47-流程.jpg 58-流程.jpg 61-流程.jpg 66-流程.jpg 67-流程.jpg 68-流程.jpg 70-流程.jpg 72-流程.jpg 73-流程.jpg 74-流程.jpg 77-流程.jpg 80-流程.jpg 96-流程.jpg 99-流程.jpg 102-流程.jpg 103-流程.jpg 104-流程.jpg 106-流程.jpg 107-流程.jpg 108-流程.jpg 109-流程.jpg 111-流程.jpg 112-流程.jpg 115-流程.jpg 116-流程.jpg 117-流程.jpg 118-流程.jpg 130-流程.jpg


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