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What are the key options that should be considered when purchasing a Filter Press?


The most commonly considered options are:

*Feed pump – The feed pump acts as the heart of a filter press operation. Filter Presses can be fed with centrifical pumps, two-stage centrifical pumps, positive displacement pumps, diaphragm pumps, screw pumps or a combination of these pumps. The selection of the right pumping system is critical to performance and operating costs.

*Open or closed filtrate discharge - Open filtrate discharge allows for easy identification of damaged filter cloths. This can greatly reduce the wear and tear of the filter plates.

*Filter cloth selection and style of attachment of the filter cloths to the filter plates.

*Automatic wash system – This is used to wash the filter cloths to reduce operator requirements and improve filtration performance when blinding of the filter cloths is an issue.

*Plate shifter system- This is used to separate the filter plate and discharge cake automatically