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Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press Machine

Special Filter Press

Skid-mounted Filter press (multi-functional filter press) designed and manufactured for mobile opertion, it is including membrane filtration system, feeding system,automatic plate shifter system,filtrate buffer tank,filtrate outflow
Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press Machine

Membrane Filter Press /Diaphragm filter press

The membrane (diaphragm filter press) filter press is composedof membrane plate and chamber plate, which are arranged to form a filter chamber. Under the pressure of feeding pump,the slurry will feeding into the filter chamber, and the solid and liquids are separated through the filter medium(filter cloth).After the solid forms cake,air or high pressure water will send into inner layer of diamphram to fully press the middle cake, reduce more water content and facilitate the removal.For the filtration of viscous materials and high requirements to the final water content, the membrane filter press is a good choice.
Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press Machine

Chamber Filter Press

Chamber Filter Press is widely used in the sludge dewatering of city waste water treatment plants, textile dyeing, electroplating, papermaking, leather, brewing, food processing, coal washing, the petroleum chemical industry, chemistry, metallurgy, pharmacy, ceramics etc. industries.
Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press Machine

Plate&Frame Filter Press

The Plate&frame Filter Press is widely used in solid-liquid separation process such as industrial, grinding,matallurgy, chemical,building materials, oil refining,food,medical,ceramics,domestic sewage and so on.
Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press Machine

Automatic Filter Press

The automatic pressure maintain filter press adopts hydraulic device as the power to press and loosen the filter plate, and using electric contact pressure gauge to realize automatic pressure maintain,it is easy to operate and safty,labor saving, high reliability,and the elxtric parts equipment with diferent kinds of safty devices which can ensure the safty of the operator and the normal use of filter press machine.
Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press Machine

Round Filter Press

Round Filter Press is suitable for ceramic mud filtration industry, filtering pressure can reach 1.6 MPa.

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