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Our company was established in 1988 in the name of Yuzhou Jincheng Filter Equipment Co., Ltd. In 2004, our corporation was upgraded to Henan Jincheng Filter Equipment Co., Ltd, and that is a great-leap-forward development of us. Our company is comprised of Production Dep, Quality Inspection Dep, Purchasing Dep, Sales& Customer Service Dep, Finance Dep, HR Dep, Administrative Logistics Dep, and Security Dep. We have several production lines, which are vacuum belt filter press production line, chamber filter press production line production line, frame and plate filter press production line, filter plate and cloth production line, pump production line, flotation equipment production line, etc. The company also owns an independent R&D center to innovate and develop new products. We gathered a large group of excellent people that represent the authority of management and research. We have 300 employees including 15 engineers, 10 researchers and designers and 30 sales personnel. Most of our administrative staff is high-educated. 70% of them got bachelor degree and some even got higher qualification. The staff has been trying their best to establish the enterprise culture."technology innovation, quality and credit first, mutual benefit". Our corporation owns a professional service team that has rich experience and skillful technique. They provide our customers with service of high quality and high efficiency. We passed ISO 9001:2008 international quality management system Certification. Also, we have acquired several certificates, such as national utility model patent, environment protecting and energy saving, and so on. Recently, because of irrational exploration of mineral resources and deterioration of global environment, we have made great breakthrough in technology and equipments of ferrous metals, precious metals, non-metallic mineral process, development and utilization of secondary resources, sewage treatment and other industries, and also in mining engineering design, project the total package, concentrator technology transformation and diagnosis, etc.