Why choose us

1. we have professional technical team to offer advice before ordering; 2. There have technical support service online; 3.We will offer video or instruction to help install the machine; 4.If necessary, the engineer will door to door for debugging the machine; 5.Electrical elements is 1 year warranty(Except quick-wear parts) 6.Frame is 5 years warranty.

Working Principle

When the sludge filter press works, all the filter plates are pressed between the movable head plate and the fixed tail plate, so that the adjacent filter plate is formed with a sealed filtering chamber around. After all the filter chambers are filled with pulp, the pressure filtration process begins, and the slurry is separated from the pulp by the feed pump.The solid particles are left in the filter chamber due to the barrier of the filter cloth, and the filtrate is discharged through the filter cloth along the drainage channel on the filter plate,and the filtrate is not discharged, that is, the dewatering process is completed. At this point, the material can be stopped and the head plate is returned to the original position.

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